Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Makes Rare Public Appearance, The Resemblance Is Amazing

It’s been a decade since model and actress Anna Nicole Smith’s tragic and untimely death.

The Playboy model died at the age of 39 from an accidental prescription drug overdose in a hotel room in Florida in February 2007.  

A few months before she passed, Anna gave birth to a baby girl, Dannielynn. Since it was unclear who her father was, the baby was subjected to a custody battle.

Larry Birkhead, Anna’s former partner, was awarded full custody of his daughter after DNA tests proved he was her father.

Dannielynn is now 10-years-old and it looks like Larry has been doing a fantastic job raising her.

“We went from diapers and teething to braces and sports bras overnight,” he told Wendy Williams in an interview.  “It’s great and it’s a lot of work,” he added.

Larry tries her best to keep Dannielynn out of the spotlight but there’s one popular event they attend every year without fail – The Kentucky Derby.

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The pre-teen made a rare public appearance when she attended this year’s Kentucky Derby alongside her dad in coordinated outfits.

Everyone couldn’t help but notice that Dannielynn was a spitting image of her late mom as she posed for pictures.

She was all dressed up in a beautiful pink and white floral dressed that she accessorized with a matching fascinator in a color scheme that matched her father’s suit.

They’re such an adorable duo!

Larry and Dannielynn also attended the Barnstable Brown Kentucky Derby Gala and he shared a cute photo of himself and his daughter at the event on Twitter. In the caption he mentioned that he met Anna at the same party in 2003. Aww!

She’s growing into such a beautiful young woman! We’re looking forward to see what the father-daughter duo has in store for us at the next Kentucky Derby.

Do you think Dannielynn looks like Anna? Let us know in the comments!

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