Your Zodiac Sign Reveals What You Need To Feel Loved

Let’s be real, everyone loves snuggle time with their partner, but for some zodiac signs, it’s ESSENTIAL to their love language. While others can get along quite happily without too much touch, others wilt without their daily cuddle-recharge.

In his Book Five Languas of Love, author Gary Chapman explains that there are five main ways in which people give and receive love depending on their personality. Although we’ve all used them to varying degrees, there are one or two main languages that we all speak and they are:

  • Gift Giving
  • Quality Time
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service (Devotion)
  • Physical Touch

Find out your dominant love languages according to your zodiac sign below:

Aries – Compliments & Quality Time

Sure, Aries are a little impulsive, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy or need affection. In fact, this sign is strongly impacted by the things people say. They want the kind of partner who will look them in the eyes and tell them why they love them.

This sign’s other, sometimes more dominant love language, is all about togetherness. These people are about quality over quantity when it comes to the moments they share with their beloved. They would thrive with a partner who signs up for all their crazy adventures, big and small.

Taurus: Service & Physical Touch

Just as Taurus likes the finer things in life, they really appreciate a thorough sweep-off their feet. The people of this zodiac will put their potential mates through the ringer before they’re confident that they’re the real deal.

Taurus is a sensual and passionate creature, who loves a good pampering. So, treat them to some tasteful public cuddling, hold hands over dinner, and surprise them with a fully-stocked fridge, or by detailing their car.

Like most twins, Gemini has two languages of love, and they often intersect…

Gemini: Words Of Affirmation & Physical Touch

Geminis are astrology’s chatterboxes. They will totally light up if their lovers take the time to tell them how they feel – in detail. Leave nothing out when it comes to sweet love notes and love songs.

As communicators, more than most zodiacs, they’re looking for a complete connection – mental and physical. You’ll have them swooning when you take them on a long walk, hold their hand and talk about everything under the sun.

Cancer: Quality Time & Physical Touch

Although they often lead full and exciting social lives, Cancers are truly happy when they’re at home with their one and only. The best way to show your love for a Cancer is to find activities that will bring out their vulnerable and accepting sides.

Care for your Cancer by cooking a delicious meal with them, followed by a cozy snuggle under a warm blanket and lots of kisses.

Leo: Gift Giving & Acts of Service

This is probably THE most romantic sign of the zodiac – next to a Libra, of course! The Leo is ALL about grand gestures, so their partner had better be creative.

Typical Leos love to receive something shiny and unique – just like them. Find a way to personalize an exciting gift and bring them breakfast in bed with a single red rose. They’ll feel pampered and cared for, which is exactly what they want.

There are two ways to get into a panicky Virgo’s heart…

Virgo: Words Of Affirmation & Physical Touch

As the most analytical sign of the zodiac, a Virgo’s laser-like criticism more often than not focuses in on themselves. They can be their own worst critic, so the best way to win a Virgo’s heart is to counteract that nit-picky voice inside their heads.

Sincere words of affirmation paired with supportive physical touch is a surefire way to tame a Virgo’s anxious heart. They’re highly self-sufficient people, but even they need someone to take the lead, stop the world and kiss them passionately in the rain.

Libras: Acts of Service & Gift Giving

As one of the zodiac signs ruled by Venus, Libras love romance, romantic gestures and everything that comes with that  – just don’t over-do it.

Libras appreciate balance in their lives, and their love lives are no exception. Small acts of love add up quickly for your Libra. Take a little stress out of their day by taking on a chore – tidy the house, pick up their groceries or their dry cleaning. Then leave a beautiful vase of flowers, or a box of homemade cookies on the table with a handwritten love note.

Scorpio : Acts of Service

A Scorpio heart can be a hard nut to crack. They don’t typically follow the traditional approach when it comes to using the “normal” styles of love. They may completely disregard all of your romantic advances at first, but don’t lose heart.

The way into their world forever is to show – don’t tell, how you feel. If you can prove that you’re reliable, trustworthy and someone they can count on, they’ll let you in to their lives and then some. Pick them up if they need a lift from the airport, show loyalty by taking their side in a group discussion, earn their trust by being as honest as possible.

Sagittarius: Words Of Affirmation & Quality Time

The Sag is a wanderer and they hate to feel tied down. Although they love a good cuddle, they hate to feel stifled. The best way to sway your Sag is to offer them your time and unconditional support for their wandering ways.

They want a partner in crime – someone who will wander with them or support them from the home base. If you are comfortable with long-distance relationships, it’ll likely happen with a Sag. They’re loyal and committed to someone who believes in them and their dreams.

Careful Capricorn requires someone who’s willing to put in the effort….

Capricorn : Quality Time & Acts of Service

They are among the hardest working people of the zodiac, which means they don’t often have time to pursue love. They need a partner who loves their ambition and encourages them to go after their dreams.

The best way to show love to a Cap is to squeeze-in quite moments throughout the week: take them to lunch in the park, bring a cup of their favorite coffee between meetings and offer to walk the dog after work. This practical sign will love feeling supported and looked after.

Aquarius: Words Of Affirmation

Totally social and cerebral, Aquarians thrive off of language. Say the right words and you’ve got them hooked – for life.

To get to the heart of an Aquarius, you’ve got to engage them mentally. Their perfect partner can lead them into a night-long discussion about everything from philosophy to childhood adventures, don’t be afraid to go deep with an Aquarius, the more you talk, the more they feel connected.

Pisces: Acts of Devotion

These are the all-or-nothing people of the zodiac. They give 110 to their partners and they expect the same in return. Sure, it’s nice to hear “I love you,” but these people need to see it to believe it.

Since actions speak louder than words, you’ve got to be willing to do whatever it takes for your Piscean partner. Whether it’s the ‘grand gesture’ of selling all your belongings and moving over seas, or rubbing their feet after a long day of work, they’ll feel loved if you’re consistently giving them these signs of love and support.

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