You’ve Got To See These Incredible Mini Macaron Cheeseburgers

Macarons are one of the fanciest little treats out there. There are so many colorful varieties and flavors to choose from, but none are quite as awesome as these Mini Macaron Cheeseburgers!

Could you imagine showing these off at a party? Jayne Argentina from Cucina Dolce came in to show us how she made these amazing little cheeseburgers that would be the perfect gift for someone (or even yourself!)

She used several different types of icing and filling and used cookie cutters to make the shapes. She started with the little burger patty.

Then added some cheese.

Then tomatoes and lettuce.

Then she stacked them all together on the macarons and it looks incredible!

How cute are these!

If you are interested in getting some of these for your next function contact Jayne Argentina from Cucina Dolce and she will make you your own custom treats!

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